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If you worried about your degree as much as you focused on my sex life, you would all be getting first class honours.

Ain’t got shit to do with you. Why don’t you worry about your friend cheating on their boyfriends and how you’re still friends with this kind of person…


On another note, I am never going near another FUCK boy at university ever again. 

I’m so tired of little pussy fuck heads fucking my life up.

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The one person I actually want to see on my birthday and he’s not there. 😔

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I’m so happy.

boy, please let the next three months speed up <3

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I say this alot


I’d be such a good girlfriend you’re all missing out

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"I wish I had the ‘wow’ effect on someone."
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So tired of girls hating me because boys fancy me.
I am literally not doing anything to encourage this behaviour, so please grow up.

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"You need me less than I need you"

The Fray- Trust Me (via deja-fuck-you)

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Vacancy available!

Seeking the following, should you meet this criteria please do not hesitate to inbox me.

One male companion over six foot, who will accompany me when it’s time for dinner, who will play Xbox together, enjoys the occasional spliff and likes to go for walks at obscure times of the night.

Also has a cute smile, and cuddles me when I feel lonely.

You also have to be passionate about something, passionate people are beautiful.

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