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scab vs scars

People you know you should ignore, you try really hard not to give them the attention they crave, but when you do, you get hurt, all over again then you wait for time to pass to heal, but suddenly they become annoyingly unbearable to ignore, so much so that you give them a teeny bit of attention, and then disappoint you once more.

You pick a scab, it hurt more and bleeds then tries to heal again, but never really heals properly.

Then when time pasts, the pain heals and although the catalyst of what causes the pain is gone, there will always be a memory of that pain, but it doesn’t hurt, and the more time passes, the more the memory of that pain becomes distant and fades, you don’t really notice it until you see that person again but only if you spend too much time thinking about them or being with them do you even recall why they hurt you in the first place.

Scars don’t hurt but you’ll always have the memory of how it got there.

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Need a stress relief.

why do I have so much pressure on me in such a short amount of time, I don’t wanna do this stupid coaching course now. Such unnecessary aggro.

How embarrassing if I fail it? 😩🔫

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So bored of my “look” want something new…but my hair hasn’t grown to the length I want it to be yet so I can’t cut out the dip dye, and given up hair dye so it’s healthier and I can’t afford tattoo or piercings or clothes so I’m kinda stuck… Oh.

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sometimes I kiss people I shouldn’t kiss and let them unbutton my jeans sometimes I leave English class without asking and walk in angular circles until I can hear the blood rushing under my skin sometimes I run until I can’t breathe sometimes I sit in the rain sometimes I sleep for six hours in the middle of the day

sometimes I drive too fast and listen to my music so loud that it hurts sometimes I drink until everything goes black and I don’t remember talking about you all night (even though I do)

sometimes I cry about books and about people who died hundreds of years ago sometimes I don’t cry even though I want to more than anything sometimes I ignore the people I love sometimes hold myself to keep everything in because you are not here to do it

sometimes I think I’m alive sometimes I think I probably never will be

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nowhere to escape

It’s so hard trying to be a fucking happy person all the time when you can’t even cope with your depression 😩🔫

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You know what pisses me off about Southampton?

96% of people, only know things that they hear about you but they don’t know why or what’s actually true or how it happened…

People need to care more about the reason than the action. Just saying pal.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder you feel so sexually frustrated. 

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"All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex."

Just with you though (via enolajay)

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